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3D Visualization World provides several pathways for advertising and access to our services...


Pathways to our advertising:

  • banner advertising by size
  • banner advertising by slected page
  • banner advertising by focused section: design, visualization, gaming / apps, modeling & analysis, simulation / VR or digital cities
  • banners by article
  • video advertising and promotion
  • advertising through our mailing list to a selected opt-in 3D related audience
  • advertising through our regular Newsletter
  • advertising through our official Blog 3DVW

Standard image banners: GIF, PNG, JPG, and BMP files

  • Flash ads: SWF files
  • Text link ads
  • Video ads:
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll
  • Flash Video FLV, Flash/SWF video, MPEG-4 MP4
  • QuickTime MOV
  • Windows Media WMV
  • Rich-media and HTML ads:All valid third-party ad servers, including DoubleClick, Atlas, EyeBlaster, Google AdSense, and all major ad networks, ad servers, and affiliate trackers
  • Expandable ad
  • Layer or floating ad
  • Peeling ad
  • Catfish ad
  • Forms
  • Text mix with image
  • Custom HTML ad tags

Ad Sizes: This includes all standard dimensions and your own custom ad sizes. IAB web ad sizes include 468x60, 728x90, 160x600, 120x600, 120x300, 300x250 and more. MMA mobile ad dimensions include 300x50, 300x75, 216x36, 216x54, 168x28, 168x42, 120x20, 120x30 and more.

Mobile Ad Dimensions: In addition to standard mobile ad dimensions, you can display your own custom ad dimensions. Recommended ad dimensions by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) include:

  • 300x50 and 300x75
  • 216x36 and 216x54
  • 168x28 and 168x42
  • 120x20 and 120x30

Pathways to our services:

1) Online 3D Visualization World website

2) The monthly 3D Visualization World Newsletter

3) Direct email

4) Professional Services - written white papers, promotional material, book reviews and product reviews

5) Hire us to blog your website: we set it up if needed, select items and blog them regularly to your blog, establish an audience, and train you to takeover if desired

6) Marketing - hire us to help you assess where and how your product can gain traction

Interest in advertising may be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Media Planner is also available to more fully describe our advertising and media services - call us!.